Monday, June 18, 2012

My first ever set of ATC's

I don't have any idea why I have never made an Artist Trading Card before now!
I had the opportunity to take part in a trade of ATC's
with three other gals across the country and
I decided ,oh what the heck, let's do this and try something new!

The trade was to create five cards to send to each of the artists.
The theme was open.
so I decided since
one gal was in New York,
one gal in Florida
and the gal other in Louisiana
I'd focus my ATC's on California!
I did Five sets of Five cards so I have a set for me and an extra set for a rainy day...
Here's how they turned out:
I used watercolors, pens, photos and misc ephemera to complete my cards!



  1. very nice! did you see colored pencil and ink.. thanks for sharing. lana kloch

    1. Hi Lana! Actually I used watercolors and ink...! Fun!
      xoxo, D

  2. Love them. I've always wanted to do an ATC swap...but never found a theme I liked. Good for you for doing some new things lately.

    1. Connie,
      Pick a theme! I would love to a swap with you and some gals!! We could do one each and make a limit of participants so it'll be fruitful!
      Let me know...

  3. Hi Diana , would love to do an ATC'll be my first .....let me know .....think it would be so much fuuuun?..Irene!